Chapter 11 Impression Post

I picked the 1st option and my direct answer to the question is at the bottom but I also enjoy the impression blog posts so here it is:

College students have a lot of stress based off of the idea that we have to go to college in general. This may come off as cynical, naïve, and hypocritical but hear me out; college is designed for continual profit and the perpetuation of financial debt and income. For us to overall fail. We are fully signing up for years worth of debt to throw us into a system where unemployment is at its highest and social security for this generation is overall failing. But god forbid an 18 year old has a drink of alcohol but enlist in the army? Sure! Sign up for years’ worth of debit with high interest? Even better! Both at the end resulting in years’ worth of therapy and detoxing from the 9-5 job everyone has and hates. The American Dream ladies and gentleman.

Maybe poor humor and amounting to mediocre academic success is something I, like many others, fear greatly, but the stress accompanying it takes the cake. So this is where I am now as a cynical naïve hypocrite, working 70+ hours a week to have a job I have worked at for 8 years on top of another summer class. Doesn’t everyone love the sweet smell of minimum wage jobs. So my strategy this summer has been pretty much the ideology of going until I burn out. I hit that target right on the head.

To better my mental health and stress relief, which pretty much correlate, I am taking off work until school starts. I am putting my focus on myself and my school work which will make it easier to manage given the 52.5 extra hours I am going to be given M-F. I won’t even know what to do with myself.

When I hit these low points of stress I normally vent to my parents and together we create a tactical plan to accomplish my goals. They proceed to say I am unrealistic and I continue to cry demonstrating the effects of a house full of women. I swear, this is the peak of therapy here. We come together to a meeting point of what I hope to accomplish and how it can be possible. Realizing I lean on my parents for a large part of when I hit stressful points in my life, at school I go to my roommate for advice. We communicate differently and when I am upset she has me calm down, explain myself, and puts it into a new perspective that I understand and am able to regroup to accomplish the new task. To fully make sure I have answered the question I have each listed for clarity:

Current stress management strategies:

  1. Sleep
  2. Longer showers
  3. Talking to my parents
  4. Talking to my roommate
  5. I work at camp and I have realized I have been taking my stress out on them slightly so I work on letting it go and focus on the moment
  6. Get my nails done

Assess how well they work:

  1. I have been trying to get more sleep since I have gotten a cold and it has mildly benefitted but not significantly
  2. Long showers are good for the soul, bad for the environment
  3. I used to hate being vulnerable (up until the last few months) but talking to my parents helps with managing stress
  4. My roommate is one of my best friends and we are very different but both focus heavily on academics. She puts my goals in perspective while reminding me it is okay to not be perfect all the time while still holding me accountable.
  5. With camp, if I raise my voice at a camper I apologize and we talk about being safe and why I spoke loudly (normally when they try and stick their hand in a fan) but I realize the impact it has on them. We also sing a lot and I never would have thought 4-5 year old’s would be asking me about Drake and learning the “kiki” dance but that is 2018 for you.
  6. I pick at my nails when I am stressed so when I have them done I don’t touch them and they feel like I have my life mildly put together.

Stress routines I need to work on:

  1. Not working over 70+ hours a week with a hard class
  2. Giving myself free time to myself
  3. Having me socialize with people above the age of 7
  4. Becoming satisfied with my accomplishments even though they don’t always show
  5. Holding myself accountable but not to perfection
  6. Sleep
  7. This assignment and blog posts similar-> writing down thoughts on a blog. (feel like you are heard).

2 thoughts on “Chapter 11 Impression Post

  1. I want to start off by saying your post is very amusing. I am a little shocked you decided to go that route of ranting about college because I don’t have the guts to do so but I find it empowering of you to do so. I completely agree with everything you had to say in the beginning. I feel even more stronger about that now with all the expenses the school keeps adding. College, to me, is an ironic situation. In order to live the life we want we need a job to make money. In order to have most of the jobs you need a degree which means going into thousands of dollars in debt to get a job. Then you spend the rest of your life wasting money to pay off the debt you accrued rather than living the life you dreamed. Now that doesn’t happen for quite a few people but it happens more often than it should which is a shame. This is why it is a stressful situation on people. Not only do employers require a degree but sometimes they even require a certain GPA which adds even more pressure.

    I think you are taking care of your stress/mental health before you start school. If a person’s mental health isn’t inline then their physical health can also be compromised from not being mentally prepared to take care of themselves the way they should. For some people this can lead them to eat more unhealthy foods which can lead to coronary heart disease which is a clogging of the vessels which help the heart. Coronary heart disease, if not caught and taken care of, can cause death.

    Sleep can be a great stress reliever if the problem is lack of sleep. However, it is also best to keep a regular sleep schedule so if napping a lot during the day has become a norm, try and limit it to a short one a nighttime sleep schedule can be set. You and the people you go to seem to have a good problem-focused coping way of doing things. Problem-focused coping is changing the way we interact with a stressor or by changing the stressor itself. Sometimes this is better than emotion-focused coping which is when the emotional needs are attended by ignoring or avoiding the stressor. You seem to have a good list of ways to work on your stress management and I would continue to keep doing them as long as you feel they help.


  2. Good job on this post! I can’t imagine what you’re going through trying to balance everything while working so much! I lifeguard at a pool outside, so all I have to do is pray that it rains, and given the weather we’ve been having the past few weeks, it normally downpours halfway through the day and I get to go home and work on school work! Your circumstances are without a doubt very stressful. It is very good that you use your family and friends for social support during these stressful times to guide you and give some advice. It’s also good to self-indulge and get your nails done every once in a while as a reward and to get your mind off of your stress. You mentioned taking your stress out on your campers. I believe that this lashing out is a defense mechanism you have developed. But is this way of coping really benefiting anybody? Instead, try to find some different resources. I know that you run track, so maybe go on a run or try some other form of exercise when you’re super stressed and have the time. This way you are redirecting your frustrations into a good workout and can take a break from your stressors for a little while and revisit them later with a clearer mind. Hopefully your stress can subside a little bit when not working so many hours all week and you can have some time to focus on your mental health and well-being and enjoy what life has to offer. Best of luck!


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